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QUALITY -  Be assured that Laurens Food vacuum packs their meats which is the safest and healthiest way to keep foods fresh with no chance of cross contamination.

SAVE TIME - How much time do you currently spend of your own personal hours driving to the store each week? Let's say the average person lives 15 minutes from their favorite grocery store and shops once a week. When you combine the 30-minute round trip time with an hour spent inside the store and another 1/2 hour between loading the car at the store and unloading it again at home, you average approx 8 hours a month!  Plus you still have to put the groceries away! And THAT'S only ONE store! If you typically shop around for the best deal in town and go to multiple stores, you can easily DOUBLE those shopping hours!

SAVE MONEY - All things considered, the money you spend is equal to or a bit less with our program compared to the grocery store.

ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE  of having your food brought to you, carried in your house and put away -  the way YOU want it put away!  Think about it - when you go shopping, each item gets picked up between 5 - 8 times: Shelf to cart, cart to check-out belt, belt to bag, bag to counter, counter to cupboard, etc.

ENJOY THE GUARANTEE - Never throw Laurens Food away! We unconditionally guarantee all our food! Not happy with something? We will happily come out to your home and exchange it.  Again, less waste and we do the running around!

ENJOY THE QUALITY - The knowledge that the quality of our food is superior to the grocery store! The knowledge that your family is eating better!  Imagine eating the same quality of food you get in your upscale restaurant in the comfort of your own home anytime you want!

SAVE MORE TIME - Most of the meals you make during the work days are 20 minutes or less. With our portion control, we take the guess work out of dinner!

SAVE MORE MONEY - How much money do you personally spend at the grocery store for those impulse buys that catch your eye in the store but when you get home you think, "What in the world was I thinking?" And how much would you guess you spend to keep the kids quiet or because they are yanking on your coat tails, screaming, "Buy me something!"

MORE CONVENIENCE - Enjoy the convenience of having your own little market in your OWN home!

SAVE MORE TIME / LESS HASSLE - Finding time to go to the grocery store and / or getting someone to watch the kids. Or if you DO take the kids -  getting them dressed and IN the car seats / getting them OUT of the car seats / holding on to them in the parking lot / getting them (and KEEPING THEM ) IN the shopping cart  and later back OUT of the shopping cart  - all the while, hoping they don't throw a tantrum til AFTER you're done shopping!

SAVE MORE MONEY - We save you money in the cost of wasted food because with Laurens Food, it's packed in the quantities you want? We portion your food order so that you don't make too much or not enough which means less waste!

MORE CONVENIENCE - No more worrying about stopping at the store after work because you have nothing to make for dinner! 

SAVE MORE MONEY - How much does gas cost you (at approx $3 per gallon) EACH time you drive to the store? Multiply that by EACH trip per week or month!

When you add it all up, you will agree that Laurens Food save you TIME and MONEY  with the GUARANTEE that you will receive QUALITY product for your entire family!

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