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Lauren's Home Grocery Service is a family owned, shop-at-home grocery service. We have been in business for over 20 years. Here at Lauren's Home Grocery Service we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality, name brand products such as Perdue Poultry, Daisyfeild Pork, Birdseye Veggies,Bob Evan's Sausage, and staple products such as Cottonell and Kraft. At Lauren's Home Grocery Service, delivery is free and we even put the products away! Please call us if you are interested!

Our Customer Service Benefits

Custom Cutting

You tell Laurenís Home Grocery Service how many pounds you want your roasts, how thick you want your steaks, how thick you like your pork chops, the way you want your meat trimmed or even package sizes, plus much more!

Vacuum Packing

All meats are vacuum packaged in our federally inspected plant, meaning no freezer burn ever and you can see "clearly" the quality and freshness that Laurenís Home Grocery Service provides.

Home Delivery

Laurenís Home Grocery Service will deliver your order to your home and put the order away for you at no additional cost

Reorder Assistance

Every time you are ready to reorder, Laurenís Home Grocery Service will have our home economist assist you with any menu changes you may want. Laurenís Home Grocery Service will remain in contact with you to make sure you are happy.

Food Quality Guarantee

Laurenís Home Grocery Service will replace any of our foods that do not meet with your complete satisfaction at any time within six months of delivery.

Food Spoilage

When you purchase your freezer from Laurenís Home Grocery Service, Laurenís Home Grocery Service will provide a limited warranty on the food in your freezer. Any food purchased from Laurenís Home Grocery Service that is lost due to mechanical breakdown of the freezer will be replaced at no cost to you. This limited warranty excludes loss caused by manual disconnection of the freezer and acts of God.

Freezer Warranty

Manufacturers provide a three-year warranty. Laurenís Home Grocery Service will continue to provide an additional year of warranty free of charge each time you place your re-order so long as you order at least once a year from Laurenís Home Grocery Service. This is in addition to the homeownersí insurance coverage and is intended to cover mechanical breakdown only. Acts of God are excluded. PLEASE NOTIFY LAURENíS HOME GROCERY SERVICE IMMEDIATELY IN THE EVENT OF A FREEZER BREAKDOWN.

Food Purchase Discount

If your purchase one or more of our new commercial products, Laurenís Home Grocery Service will give you a payment 10%, 20%, 30% up to 40% discount off the list price of your order to defray the cost of the products plus save money on all future food orders.

Referral Program

This referral program enables you to earn discounts on future menu planner orders. For each new Laurenís Home Grocery Service customer referred by you, you will receive a rebate coupon with $50 off your next menu planner order.

Two-Year Price Freeze

While food costs continue to go up in your local grocery store, Laurenís Home Grocery Service will guarantee the price of your food order for any orders placed within two years of delivery of your first order, regardless of any rise in wholesale/retail food costs, with the stipulation that your plan size stays the same. If our costs go down, we will roll back your cost accordingly. Please ask our reorder department about our current specials.


If you are interested in our services, please call us at 440)951-6280 or 1800 545-1048. We could set up a FREE meeting between your family and one of our food counselors. Our food counselor would bring a full dinner to prepare right in your home! We will even clean up after! So, take a break on dinner and let us cook for you.

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